a clean mind is a healthy mind…

..and the same can be said about our computers.. as they run their course they pick up unwanted data and other clutter that cause our poor poor powerbooks to slow down..so without further ado, heres a few apps to make that cluttered space useable again.

diskinventory x use this to see what takes up room on your harddrive

monolingual this handy apps removes all the languages installed with your osx that you will have no need for. i saved almost a gig of space!
garagebandanywhere garageband anywhere allows you to put garageband on any drive. if you haven’t yet installed garageband, it can be freshly installed on the drive of your choice. If garageband is already installed, it can be moved directly to the desired location. i elected to put mine on my ipod 🙂
ipod -> folder this nifty app allows pc’s and macintosh’s alike to treat the ipod like a harddrive. i keep the mac and the pc version of this free software on my memorykey, so i can use my ipod (w/ usb connector) as a portable drive with all my friends computers. works great.


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