motivation is something i wish i had a big bottle of, either in the fridge or in my bag, so i could have a swig whenever i really needed to get something done that i hate doing.  like studying for example.  my first semester was filled with interesting topics, whereas the current one is all about psychological terms i could care less about.  i mean, if it had some completion of a  goal i was working toward, at least i could see the value, but i just want to write the exam, geta decent mark, and get on with my summer…which better arrive soon.


distraction free creativity

sometimes, especially if you are like me, your desktop, and other open applications, can cause major distractions to the flow of work, study, or pretty much any task that relies in simple text entry (which is probably why i use textedit over microsoft word)

enter writeroom. this nifty piece of os x software lets you block out all distractions, and leave you with a black screen with oldschool green text. the current version of this fine app is 2.1, and requires os x 10.4 or higher. check it out! sadly, and much to my chagrin, it is no longer freeware, and retails for 24.95 us.

with that said, i poked around the site and found version 1.0, which is a bit more bare in function, but since its pretty bare bones a concept to begin with, it should suffice, and is still completely freeware! download it here.


as old chapters finish and new ones begin, i find it prevalent to begin posting here.

i’ve added a new category, life, so that i can share a bit more personal information without having to start a new blog entirely

school finishes later this week, and its been tough to focus on studying. once again i’ve left it to the last few days. i only hope that the work i have done will be relevant, and that i have done enough..

new job starts next week, i’m finally going to be a macintosh technician. *crosses fingers* this should be a blast! only part time to start, but it will give me time to adjust to work again…

its week 5 without cigarettes. i never thought i would come this far quitting cold turkey. go me!

i thoroughly enjoyed seeing the grindhouse premiere last tuesday, and i can’t wait to see it again this week, though im looking more forward to the company than the movie itself..