little observations

so, im a smoker. been so for about 14 years, hate doing it, but its still one of the first things i do when i wake up every morning. i brave the freezing weather, numerous times a day, and yet i still don’t really enjoy it at all. maybe one in 10 cigarettes do i actually relish, which is about once per day. however, heres my little rambling. i have a drain grate outside of work, and i always flip my butts into it when im done. all summer long, i realized that maybe one in 20 cigarettes that i would flip the butts at would actually go down the grate. the other would just bounce around the metal, and come to rest a few inches around ay side of the grate. now that its winter time, and the grate is mostly obscured/covered in snow. only about 3 out of the 12 or 13 holes are clear. but for some strange reason, now 90% of the butts i flick in its general direction end up going in. i can’t understand how the physics work at all.

the universe is a strange, strange place.

3 thoughts on “little observations

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