icon and background luvvin’

Just in time for the xmas season, i have decided to post a little special on changing your icons and backgrounds. although these links are compiled with osx in mind, more specifically leopard, many of the sites contain icons and pictures that can be used by our windows friends too.

candybar3 from our friends at panic has just been released, with pixadex built right in. this osx leopard supported program allows you to change all your icons with one click, using icontainers available at the iconfactory, even change the defaults so new folder, documents, etc, all sport the same uniform look! note that icons available in the latter link are also windows friendly. note that iconfactory also has a desktops section. their newest addition to the collection, “dust”, really captures the osx default desktop (well, the tiger one anyways) but spices it up with orange (one of my fave hues of the colour too) and adds some dust or motes of light, no doubt somehow inspired by the new “golden compass” movie. on a side note, the movie really doesn’t do the first book in the trilogy its based on, by philip pullman, much justice at all. but i digress..

interfacelift is another fabulous site to get icons ad desktops.

i will probably update this post after i check my bookmarks at work.

stay tuned!

big surprise in store for all my readers!

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