spurious diatribes

portable technology does the strangest things to how we live, work, and exist. with the new app i have for my iphone, i can blog from anywhere, even attach photos of where i am, and basically spew philosophies out into the www. having my own business means, for the most part, having my own hours, so the lines between when societal norms tell me i *should* be awake, versus when i choose to be blur irreconcilably. it also adds so much to my life when considering self-worth, confidence, and general happiness. sure, it’s stressful sometimes, but so is life for the most part! at least being my own boss lets me feel and carry the entire weight of responsibility and being self-motivated. if i don’t get work done, I have no one to blame but myself, and while i could easily work more hours than i do, *i choose not to* im comfortable paying my rent, my bills, and spending the majority of my life actually *living* rather than stuck behind a desk being underappreciated and underpaid.

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