iPhone tethering

Well, with the release of iPhone 3.0, and now me having Word Press blogging software on my phone, this blog is finally switching into full English, complete with capital letters.  If I was just blogging from my computer, I’d stay with the old format, but due to auto capitalization on the iPhone, re-editing capped letters out of each post is REALLY slow.

So, without further ado…

iPhone tethering is great, but some carriers are promising that you will have to pay a premium to use this service… and if you try to get it working, it apparently tells you to contact your service provider to have them add it.

Well… no more. With this website you can install a new APN that should enable it for you.

Update: While this worked for me, and tethering is enabled, I cannot connect to the 3g network anymore from my phone, which makes it useless. Regardless, if anyone else wants to give it a shot, they can do so…


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