Once again I drag this blog from the depths to start posting.  Since i haven’t written anything here for *AGES*, I was surprised to find that it is still active, and I still have access..

So, this year is the be my “hinge year” As I am now 35, I figure I have another 35 more of really decent years ahead.  This doesn’t mean that I plan to die at 70, but that I want to make sure that the next “half” are lived healthier than the ones past.  When I was a young buck, I could party, drink, eat whatever I wanted, function on 3 hours of sleep, and wake up fresh as a daisy to do it all again.  Now…. not so much.

No, not this sort of Young Buck..

I have always pictured myself as some modern day Samurai… I’ve studied (some) martial arts, and read Asian philosophies like Sun Tzu, Mushashi, and Yamamoto Tsunetomo. Yet, even though I have overcome some pretty decent struggles in my recent years, I awake every morning to a pasty, bald, unfit, vaguely overweight middle-aged dude staring back at me in the mirror.

I have surrounded myself with motivation to keep me focussed on the path ahead.  January started with a bang, and i figured that one new habit every 30 days would be an excellent way to build on my success.  The month ended well, and I was armed with a new habit: daily flossing.  Seems pretty weak, but Leo Balbuta was right.  Zen living is totally accomplishable with a small amount of effort.

I must add here that February was a bit of a bust.  No new habit was formed (I tried to embrace a very intense workout program called RushFit, but I quickly realized that it was way too intense for me to continue in my current state of fitness), and I started sabotaging my life.  Shrugging off healthy eating, frequent drinking, and allowing the mess and chaos to build like a maelstrom around me.  Sure, first world problems you might say, selfish wallowing.  But despair is something that is personal.  Sure, I shouldn’t complain when people in the world have no fresh water or little to eat.. That still doesn’t motivate me to get out of bed in the morning.  I’ve suffered with depression for years, and deal with it daily. I know how important it is to be selfish when I need to look after my own “recovery”

Anyways.  I could type for hours.  But I won’t.  I’ll keep it for future posts.  Just know that March has started early for me.  I’ve been eating paleo for over a week already.  I feel great, lost weight… even decided to stop drinking alcohol for 40 days as well. Watch this space, there’ll be plenty of motivational messages to follow.

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