The Joy of Personal Responsibility

I recently had a friend over to sample my bacon.  It might sound lewd, and in a gastro-sense, it sort of was.  A sinful concoction I whipped up, crispy organic smoked bacon dipped in melted fleur de sel Lindt dark chocolate.

The finished product, freshly basted. It has since been chilled and solidified in the fridge...

She arrived and after some small talk, asked for some booze.  I supplied it, being the good host, and she was perplexed as to why I didn’t join in.  I informed her that as part of my paleo experiment, I was abstaining from all alcohol for the entire 40 day experiment.

She was flabbergasted.. she didn’t understand why I would ever impose self-inflicted restrictions on myself.  Who would I do something that someone else hadn’t told me to do?

My friend is free spirited and loves to party, and I love her because she reminds me of my “youth”.  She seems to think that she will never stop.  But she is missing two things: she hasn’t hit her bottom yet, and she doesn’t see the value in life.  Hell, I didn’t either until I was over 30.  But for me, the validation of being able to stick with something I set my mind to do is in and of itself the reward. The journey is what makes the goal so satisfying.  Once the 40 days are complete, I already know that the fruits of my labour will be eclipsed by the path that I took to get there. Having kicked drugs and smoking cigarettes all within a 5 year span, I am finally understanding what it is to stop being responsible to others, and be responsible to myself.  And it feels great.

While I share my gradual successes through my near-evangelical obsession with paleo, I’m just another guy getting healthy and in shape.  Maybe I will inspire others to follow in my footsteps, maybe not.  But the person I ultimately continue to motivate is myself, and isn’t that really the whole point?


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