Solar powered..

I suffer from SAD, or Seasonal Affective Disorder.  It makes me cranky, depressed, and gives me a general attitude of malaise.  On really bad days it can drive me into a really self-abusive funk.  But I have ways to combat this.. I have a special LED lamp that I used to use, but I’ve lost the manual, and cannot for the life of my figure out how to change the time/alarm settings on it. And since I teach tech for a living, you’d think that I could figure it out… No.  Its really that difficult!!

Vitamin D is a good tool, and is regular doses of B12. The bottle of D that I have was a gift from my mother a few years back, and I’ve kept and refilled it, as its marked “Bottled Sunshine.. take daily!”

To be honest, I don’t care how cold or snowy it is outside.. as living in Ottawa, Canada, I’m used to those conditions! Its actually the 7th coldest city in the world.. However, if its grey and miserable, thats what slays me.. As long as I get a bit of sunshine on my face, I can wake up easily! I don’t like coffee or other stimulants.. Just standing in the sun for a few minutes, eyes closed, letting it warm my face, almost “resets” me in a way.. The world melts away and I just enjoy feeling connected to the planet


So next time you are feeling a bit low, get outside and absorb some rays.. in the meantime, however, implement a thorough vitamin regimen to keep you sorted!

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