Sticking Withit-ness

Yes, a complete breakdown in English for the title of this post, but its almost 1 am and I should have been asleep hours ago.

If I had retired, this post wouldn’t be what its about, and I love learning from every experience, so…

Today at work, a pizza was delivered.  Not even from some crummy delivery place next door, but Boston Pizza.  A cornerstone in the “Italian Family Eatery” business, they don’t mess around.  Stupidly I decided to open the box after reading its circumference.  I had to know what a sauce recipe supposedly perfected in 1964 might smell like.

Bad Idea.

This thing looked amazing.  A work of art. And everything that I have been working on for 2 weeks to avoid.  It had all the processed meats, the white dough, the CHEESE. It was everything I am not supposed to eat.  And my stomach growled at the sight, at the olfactory experience this thing was assailing my nostrils with.

But, you know what?  You might think that this story is going to end poorly, but its not.  I closed the box, and closed my mind.  I drew on all the self-control I have gleaned from previous changed habits, and I was suddenly easily able to resist.

Smiling, I walked away from this “food”, only feeling better that I had *not* eaten it.

This post is about maintenance. About sticking to something.  Because when you stick to something, it makes it easier to stick to something else. Plus, once you look back at the chain, you’ll see that the tougher something was to overcome, the worse it was for you, the easier you will stick with it.

Today marks 6 years since I quit drugs. Its an important milestone this year, because it marks the halfway point of the entire time that I was a user.  Another 6 and I will have been clean for as long as I was an addict.  It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, though when I look back at it, really the only difficult thing about it was that first step.  After that, its all perseverance and personal accountability.  But the strength I learned from it has given me the power to stop smoking, to start getting healthier.. And the more I do, the more I *can* do.

I used to do things because I enjoyed telling other people that I had done them.  Now I do things to do them for myself. I am becoming more comfortable in my own skin.. What have you done recently?

Remember that its never tomorrow, and its always today.

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