The Finish Line

Everyone, (even me) always refer to how the journey is what actually provides the most satisfaction.  And while thats true, its also important to focus on exactly what the goal is.

This can be a complex issue, as the “forbidden fruit” that we are always striving for can be further and further away. Let me explain.  Let’s say we decide to lose ten pounds.  As that goal approaches, and we realize that it might actually be obtainable we change the number in our heads to twenty.  Part of the reason we do that is because, as humans, we are greedy.  We are also self-defeatist.  Its easy for us to sabotage our goals, because we are so used to dreaming and hoping for materialistic things that are out of our reach, that even the obtainable are transformed into the impossible.


Its time to take a step back and breathe here. First of all, if you accomplish your original goal, reward yourself, but make sure to choose something that’s healthy, whether its a nice dinner out with friends or treating yourself to an extra glass of almond milk. Go on, enjoy it! You’ve earned it! You can then set a NEW  goal, and, using the strength from the last exercise, move forwards.

The real reason for this post is to remind you to take pride in the small, unplanned completions.  When I was a depressed drug addict, I took my health for granted and felt invincible..  I would have a random spurt of motivation, and splurge at the grocery store, often while ravenously stoned, and fill my fridge with a mixture of healthy produce, and my shelves with junk food.  Literally 80% or more would go to waste, and I would leave it to rot, because I preferred to stay in a pattern of sabotage.

Now, on paleo, I eat pounds of fresh produce, and have no problems eating my food.  Yet I am still amazed when I finish a product before it goes off.  I take great pride in throwing an empty veggie bag into the garbage, or pouring the last almond milk from the container (yes, I’m an addict of this amazing beverage!).  The idea for this post came to me when the last multivitamin rolled from the bottom of the bottle.  I think I bought it a few years ago, with the intention of making it a regular thing, then maybe took it regularly for a week; in the last 2 months, I’ve taken them every day, and now, I’m finished.  Just sitting back and looking at the bottle, I take amazing pride in where I’ve come from.

Achievement Unlocked!

“Normal” people might not understand this accomplishment, but for someone like me, this sort of thing still boggles my mind, and I feel amazing pride and happiness.  So no matter what your unplanned accomplishments are, go ahead and shake your own mental hand.  You deserve to recognize your own successes!!


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