Urban Meditation

As I delve into Zen on a deeper level, pouring over texts, chants, poems, and mantras, the thing I’m most struck with is the sheer amount of time that is invested in meditation of different varieties.  Even when I followed Soka Gakkai, I never has much issue with the weekly group chants, but the daily focus was more difficult.  I envied those that had the time and dilligence to do so, and often found a number of excuses that kept me from doing the same.  Really, it was only 20 minutes.  I’ll spend more than that writing this post for you to read, providing I ensure that it’s interesting enough from start to finish.  But thats what meditation is, at least any meditation thats worthwhile.  As long as I focus on it completely, then I’ll experience some form of reward.

But what if even 20 minutes is unattainable? Can you do 10? 5? Even 1? The journey of the mind, and peace from within is not easily embraced.  But as I alluded to to before, and positive step forwards is a worthwhile investment provided to build on that motivation and keep it up.

I was in the Gatineau Hills, a Provincial park close to where I live, and, while hiking through the muddy hills and run off, I was spellbound by a rivulet that created a magical gurgle.  For around half a minute I was entranced, until my dog came a running and jostled me out of my trance.  This is when I realized that even a short 20 second “break” could be beneficial to anyone, provided they gave it their all for that tiny chunk of time.

Not only is it fairly easy for even the most A.D.D. addled brain to accomplish a mere 20 seconds, but the benefits of this peace of mind are instantly accessable.  You’ll feel focused, more alert, and more tranquil  This technique “opens the door” so to speak on the benefits of meditiation.  Keep at it and you’ll be thirsty for longer sessions, seeing your results increase exponentially, like the results gleaned from the folding of Japanese steel

So this week bookmark this post, (or download the Vimeo app for your smartphone, and bookmark my video). Then, when you have a quiet moment, watch or even better, just listen to the clip, close your eyes, and focus on your breathing. Once complete, open them again, and you’ll be startled at the result!


4 thoughts on “Urban Meditation

  1. Hey man! I thought you might like to check out a meditation app I’m developing for the iPhone called ReWire. It uses your own music an video to meditate with and is quite powerful and unique. We’re looking for people to sign up to gain early access to the ReWire Beta here: http://signup.seatedmonkey.com/?lrRef=zM0ws (if you’re interested). ReWire seemed right up your ally so I thought I’d reach out. Cheers!

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