Cluttered Space, Cluttered Mind

This post verges on the edge of common sense, but hear me out.  As we go about our daily lives, its easy to build up clutter.  Not only leaving a towel on the bathroom floor, or a dirty dish in a sink, I’m talking about the casual way we treat our everyday “belongings”.  Use ’em casually, and leave ’em out. What would only take a few seconds to return to its home is ignored, as why bother? It takes no effort, I can take no effort some other time in the future.

Yet each of these joins another of its brethren, and we are left with what has suddenly become an unsurmountable task.  Where did this mountain come from? It wasn’t here last night!

Uhm, wait. Was this here before?

Originally this post was aimed to bring attention to the point that keeping things organized as we go eliminates clutter from even starting to build up, and to make a direct correlation to keeping a neat house = a neat mind, but there’s intrinsically something much more vital here.  A real eye opener for me.

If these small, inconsequential actions, that could be almost effortlessly completed as they happen, are the building blocks for these huge mountainous obstacles, couldn’t the same thing be said for massive goals that we wish to conquer?  By breaking each of these down into the smallest chunks, even what seemed impossible becomes am amost imperceptible effort every day.

Fill in the blanks

So pick your mountain, and start deconstructing it, piece by piece… And please remember to empty the trash!

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