The Root of Wisdom


Wisdom, or being considered “wise” is often a result of learning through hardship. Naturally, all of life can be considered a series of challenges and choices, while the decisions we make during these crossroads shapes our future. Yet those who are wiser than others are usually the ones who have not only made more choices, but also those who have made more wrong ones.

Let me explain. Wisdom is the direct result of learning from ones own life experience. No ones learns harder, or more severe lessons, than those who make unwise, or perhaps, unfamiliar choices. A wise man might have even dwelled within an extended part of his life where he or she continually shirked the “right” choice, because the wrong one was yielding short term results.

So if you find yourself in one of these slumps, do not despair. It will get better, as long as you at least attempt to stay mindful (regardless of your result: even failure will eventually sprout success with diligence and practice)

If you find yourself considered wise, then share your stories with those who might be going down a similar path that you once were. Learning from others mistakes might not yield as firm results, but any seed that can be planted or watered has a chance to grow