The Ten Minute Difference

Getting stressed out in today’s society is an easy state to end up suffering from.  A hectic lifestyle is the product of over stimulation, or from a schedule thats too filled with activities we feel we *have* to accomplish, versus time we should spend relaxing or enjoying.

Fuzzy logic, or unintelligent focus…

By re-prioritizing our “down-time” to be as important as daily chores, it not only forces us to relax, but also places tighter timelines on the things we need to get done.  We will get laundry done between 3 and 4 because we can’t wait to watch a movie with our family from 4 till 5.

It can feel odd to “schedule” in our play time, but if we aren’t used to such priority settings, it makes it easier to feel less guilt in enjoying that “free” time.

Te title of this post came from me setting all my clocks 10 minutes fast.  And I mean all of them.  It’s not an effective behaviour unless the oven, the microwave, cars, our computers, the clocks in our house, are all synchronized with this change.

Suddenly you will be arriving on time, or early, for all the things scheduled in your life.  This will calm you down, and give you those extra few minutes to prepare for a task, either mentally or physically.  It will give you an excuse to drink a bottle of water, or to sit on a bench and enjoy the feeling of sunshine on your excuse to *relax*, and enjoy simply being alive.  Just concentrate on your breath for even a few minutes and you will feel renewed.

Just breathe…

The quicker ones reading this will be the first to point out that we cannot easily change the time on our phones, because this is usually set by the network, and they are correct.

There’s an easy answer.. don’t check your phone when you want to know the time.  Invest in a nice, sensible wristwatch, and rely on that instead.  You can then set that to whatever time you desire.  Not only will this allow you to keep on your new “10 minutes fast” schedule, but it will also actually make you more socially approachable, and less tied to your mobile. No one needs another excuse to “check” their phone.

Since I started wearing a watch again, my mobile use has dropped significantly.  I rarely tweet throughout the day anymore, no longer have a Facebook account, but yet I feel more socially connected than ever.  That’s because the social interactions I do have are more important to me, and often are actual face to face interactions.

So go ahead.  Get a watch, set all your clocks ahead ten minutes, and see how drastically it improves your life condition.


What is life?

I’m attempting to get back into regular posts..  I found that regular shares were increasing my ability to stay motivated and on track.  I have a new Nexus 7 tablet that is a wondrous tool. It am almost afraid to admit that I’d give up all my other computing devices if I could keep just this single one.

I find that life is a strange animal.  It’s easy to complain about being stressed out,  or not having enough time in the day to get through things done that we want to do.   But once we have that time,  we tend to procrastinate.  Once we have that freedom and flexibility of a steady 9-5 job,  we tend to look for distractions and excuses to why we still aren’t chasing our dreams.

So life is something that happens when you aren’t doing anything else. That’s the easiest way to demonstrate time,  as it encompasses the helplessness we expect exercise over controlling its passing.

We all want to be this person we have in our minds eye. A bit thinner,  a bit healthier,  someone who gets daily exercise,  is a whiz at the piano,  or a world traveller..

So choose one.

That’s right. Choose something you are curious about,  then break it into 12 manageable milestones.

Write down the first one, and figure out how to make it happen over the next 30 days. You might not be successful,  but that’s not the goal of the exercise. Instead,  it gets you into the mindset.

Over the next few 30 day segments,  you’ll start to visualize how to actually make your dream a reality..  By involving even 5 minutes of each day in this fascinating activity,  it’s motivation will also spill out into other areas of your routine

Go ahead and give it a go..