My posts have definitely taken much more of a philosophical turn lately… I apologize for shirking my technological roots!

I have always been into mobile technology, but also respectful of the hold it has on many people.  I have friends who spend hours on their phones, playing games that have no end goal or focus, no real purpose other than to waste time.. I have none of these, I have removed any that I feel are a distraction from the outside world.  They doesn’t mean that I still don’t play the occasional game at home to relax, but mobile platforms give is an excuse to hermit ourselves away and to not focus on the glory that is the world we live in.

If you don't look up, the world will be gone before you know it...

If you don’t look up, the world will be gone before you know it…

I love turning my ringer off, I love wearing a mechanical watch, I enjoy the simplicity of not being tethered to my device.. but there are times when I have to keep it on, to stay in touch with work clients, family, and friends.  Sadly, most notification tones, alarms, calendar alerts, and ring tones (whew!) can be jarring, difficult to hear, or the same as everyone else’s..

Over the last few years, I have assembled a collection of minimal, subtle, and professional tones.  Some are more urban inspired, electronically created simple ringtones, whereas other have a decidedly more Zen-like appeal.  I have zipped and uploaded these to a file sharing site (don’t worry, no viruses or malware here!) so that you can all take advantage of some soothing alerts on your mobile devices. I’ve also included a long meditative droning chant that works well as a soothing alarm to wake you from your slumber, or just to appreciate the glorious emptiness that it creates as a state of mind

These are all in MP3 format, but Apple users can create ringtones in iTines using this video (that I created a couple years ago to help some clients with the same questions!) Note that Android users should install an app called Rings Extended, free from the Play Store.

Get this zip file here, and enjoy… Note that these sounds are all royalty-free, and legal to distribute, so please share this blog/link with your friends!

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