Simple Homescreen design

It’s been way too long since I’ve done a post on technology, so here’s a great one.

I gave up my iPhone about a year and a half ago, and finally am well settled into Android.  While I might miss the keyboard, which is a joy to use compared to pretty much every Android offering, the customization I get from Droid is well worth it.
Screenshot_2013-02-21-07-01-55                    Screenshot_2013-02-21-07-32-23                    Screenshot_2013-02-21-07-32-07

Here’s a few photos of my homescreens.  The one on the left is my main screen, and as anyone who uses Android can see, I have no visible dock.  This is achieved with Nova Launcher with Prime, a free launcher with a premium paid upgrade.  The main benefit of the pay features are gestures, so swiping down with two fingers opens my app drawer, voiding the need for an button to do so.

Of the three icons I have on the homescreen.. Gmail, Google Talk, and Messaging, you’ll note that the top one has a small number underneath it.  This is the unread count for that app, and is a free plugin for Nova called Tesla Unread.

The time, weather, sunrise/sunset and calendar widgets are achieved with Zooper Widget Pro (free version available here), my favorite fully customizable widget app. I’ll also mention here that the fonts used throughout this layout is Hattori Hanzo, found in the Font Installer App (I merely shared it to my SD card and installed it in the root/Fonts folder and it shows up in Zooper. Note that this Font app requires root access, so if you’d like the font emailed to you, just reply below and I’ll sort you out.

The middle shot shows one of two CircleLauncher Lite shortcuts I have on my desktop, basically two areas of the screen with an invisible icon that open radial menus to access my primary and secondary apps. This is a new-ish app to me, and I haven’t found any reason to upgrade to the full version yet. I probably will if this continues to perform so admirably.

Third shot is my second homescreen, and is a fullscreen widget for It’s a phenomenal task/to do list tool that is cross platform, and even has a chrome widget (so you can add tasks from within Gmail, or from the extension toolbar at the top right of Chrome. Give it a shot and bask in its powerful simplicity

I’ll mention that the wallpaper is part of a much larger digital work by my best friend, Erin English, for my birthday (low res copy here).  She is a phenomenal artist with a really unique style.  She is back in school now, and loves to do commissions for anyone interested.  Tell her I sent you and maybe she’ll give you a great price!


One thought on “Simple Homescreen design

  1. It looks great! I agree with you about the iPhone keyboard. I really do miss it. SwiftKey is great but the iPhone keyboard is still so much easier to type on. I haven’t gotten around to trying Nova launcher yet, but I installed Any.DO (awesome app), Zooper widget and font installer. It already looks a lot cleaner. Thanks for the suggestions!

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