The Journey is the Goal

For months, if not years, I’ve been searching for the ultimate goal, and for ages I figured that happiness or, more recently, enlightenment, was the “end game” content I was seeking.


Just yesterday, on the mat, something came to me, and I can’t seem to shake it.  There is no end goal. The very process of life, the daily efforts we make, the small kindnesses we pay to ourselves and others; this is what life is all about.

Sure, it seems elementary, and we might read this sort of contemplation in a number of places, in a variety of forms.

But for me, it suddenly clicked into place, and that’s what I’m sharing.

Gone are the doubts and fears that weighed me down about not being where I want to be in life. I’m right where I’m supposed to be.

natalie be here now




A mantra that repeats with every breath, and anchors me in a fleeting moment.

Every day I can strive to improve who I am, and, in turn, improve the lives of those around me.  A simple smile, a reassuring grasp of someones shoulder. These are all actions that can form a roadmap of each day. Place enough of them end to end, and the simple enjoyment of the journey becomes clear.

Each year is broken into days, each day into hours, and each hour into moments: experiences.

Approaching each of these with shoshin, or beginner’s mind, will envelop the beauty in the simplicity of all things. The  choices you make that offer the least resistance will start to form an easy cadence.

Follow it, and you follow yourself. Sounds a bit cyclical.. but so is your breath.


One thought on “The Journey is the Goal

  1. Awesome post. I tell people my goal in life is to become a multimillionaire… because it’s not because of the money.. It’s the because it’s the person I will have to become. To become very wealthy I will need to have more discipline, more focus, a vision, hard worker…etc etc.

    Check out the book, “Happy Pocket Full Of Money” That book rocked my world. It will give you a different out look on being happy, being present and on life.

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