Routine is your armor

When samurai would head into battle, they would partake in a lengthy process of donning their armor.


Layers of meticulously folded cloth, covered with intricately adjusted sheets of finely collected lacquer sheets of protection.

While we may not be fighting a battle, as we go about our daily lives in a society that offers so much choice and temptation, maintaining a “cement” of a fairly regular routine will ensure that we approach every day in an optimal mental, physical, and psychological state.

Rushing out the door unprepared will set a precedent for the rest of the day.. Chugging mugs of coffee to “cheat” ourselves into mental alacrity sets up crash after crash, buoyed by further consumption of more caffeine,  sugars, all the whole making poor decisions. The net result leaves us falling asleep the moment we get home, disappointed with today, and looking forwards to tomorrow.

Yet without prioritizing our routine, it’s never the today we want.

Stay mindful. Live today. Tomorrow never comes.


One thought on “Routine is your armor

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