The Demise of Guys

I feel like I’ve been walking this thin line, a tightrope, trying to decipher exactly what I’ve been trying to address when it comes to entitlement, to adulthood.. I’ve been called out on making it a gender issue, and at first I defended that it wasn’t so, because I was afraid of how it might sound to stand up for being male, as if just taking a stand for being male would in some fashion make me anti-female… Yet that’s part of the problem itself. Sure, the majority of the world might be pretty male-centric, and I wish there was a bit more equality in general.. yet I feel like the very fight for balance in the western world, North America in particular, might be a bit exaggerated. So sure, I’ll be confident and say that I believe that it might indeed be gender related in some fashion.

The above Ted talk from 2011 speaks to that and sort of bolsters my own questions as to exactly what I’m trying to address. It’s not that men have lost their way because women have found theirs, something I am very passionate about stating.. It by no means takes any power away from the progress females have made. Instead there is a lack of confidence, guidance, or inherent path that men once followed that they no longer have access to. Maybe males need to be reared differently, or given alternative techniques to guidance versus women?

I’m enjoying getting into this. It intrigues me greatly, and I’m glad I’m starting to get into what the core concern might be.

Again, a healthy discussion in the comments below is welcome and appreciated.


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