Connect with Others by Connecting with yourself

As the warm sun greets me every morning as I step out of my door, I’m grateful that summer is finally peeking past the cold winter months that have gripped Ottawa for way, way too long.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been continually conscious, and therefore mindful, of the small things. I’m not second guessing any of the dreams or aspirations that have floated into my head, plus I’ve been quick to quash any fears or doubts that would normally surround such thoughts.

I guess I’ve taken a vivid interest in being genuine, and what that means. Honestly, it really stems from humility, and not beating myself up mentally. As I recently shared, I have had a history of sabotaging myself so prematurely that dreams are shattered before I’ve barely finished having them. No more.

This desire to be genuine has been birthed by something that I’ve recently identified as a major hurdle to me: legitimate interests versus interests that carry greater perceived value from others. I’m no zen master, and sometimes I feel like my blog belies otherwise. I struggle to keep up with daily practice as I’m constantly battling with my own demons. I rarely share when I’m feeling down, often because I’m afraid of being judged by my humanity, my frailty.. There’s so much stigma that surrounds admitting mental fragility, and while I volunteer on networks that promote eradicating this very stigma, I am very aware of how I avoid sharing it here.. But why? I’ve said plenty of times that I write this primarily as a way to explore my own life and journey.. yet I often doubt that.. Why should I care about how I’m viewed by others? Is it because all this content is shared and easily accessible on the internet for all to see? Confidently embracing this humanity, my uniqueness, without fear of repercussion or judgement is the primary key to attaining personal definition of a legitimate genuine “self”

Thanks to Amanda Gore for her post on Connections, which only further strengthens my convictions

Thanks to Amanda Gore for her post on Connections, which only further strengthens my convictions

I started this post to share that by connecting with myself,openly and honestly, have only affirmed that others feel the same way. By focusing inwardly, I’ve manifested a change and connection with others. By maintaining this open perspective, we can all grow as individuals.. and as a unified species.


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