Living in the city isn’t easy for many. At least not those who crave some quiet solitude.

We often yearn for some “downtime” spent at a familiar cottage, or even desperately feel a burning connection to a photograph or painting of a place that elicits the promise of an immediate sense of calm.

Yet that very craving we feel can be refocused and turned into something positive, versus a tight, uncomfortable frustration.

The next time you feel the need to be somewhere else, you just need to channel it.

Close your eyes and see the immediate area around you. See familiar details, or create objects that you personally connect to as relaxing.

Now here’s where the magic happens..

freesia-612dbfRecall a time you were in a similar space.. Remember what it sounded like, the temperature of a soft breeze against your exposed skin, the scents and smells that breeze carried..

Recreating these details (especially the senses other than sight) has been proven to elicit a strong memory, making it easier to return there in our minds.

Now that your brain has recreated a memory where you are in a space of calm and tranquility, drink it in. Breathe deeply, and picture that breath as filling you up with peace.. Hold it, and enjoy this feeling, let it spread through your whole body, all the way to your fingertips.. Imagine it replacing all the stress and frustration. Now, as you forcefully breathe out, imagine all those unwanted feelings leave with the stale air.

The more you repeat this habit, the better you’ll become at it. Also, next time you are somewhere where you truly feel relaxed, be really aware of how all your senses are being stimulated.  Being mindful in these situations not only wrings the most out of it in the moment, but makes it easier to recall and reap its benefits in the future

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