Getting back on the horse

I sat on the cushion this morning, and my 10 minutes was up in the blink of an eye. I was a little astounded as to how thirsty I was for some sitting practice, but looking back, I was even more shocked to see that its been over 6 weeks since I spent any time meditating.

No wonder I’ve been overly anxious and my path towards my goals clouded.

Diligence is essential to progress. Goals remain dreams without forward momentum, and can actually cause more stagnation when they don’t instigate completions.


After seeing my mentor last week, I was pleased to hear that he believes we actually exist as a co-mentor dynamic: that as I learn, he too benefits from the conversations similarly.

If you don’t have someone like this in your own life, seek them out, or be open should they present themselves to you. The relationship is worth the investment of honesty and trust.


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