I’m often asked how to approach meditation.

Well there isn’t much to it. Sit, breathe, repeat.

Yet in our hectic society, the very action.. (or inaction, so to speak!) of turning off our minds can be quite challenging. Naturally there’s a number of books out there worth reading, and I’ll go into those in another post.

This one is all about Andy Puddincombe. A Brit who gave up his studies to become a monk, he eventually returned home to set up a clinic to promote mindfulness..

This eventually became Headspace, and helps anyone get into a meditative, mindful practice for 10 minutes a day.

While I’ll be linking my daily vlog at the bottom that accompanies this short post, I’ll fist embed Andy’s “virally popular” TED Talk.

Now mindfulness is something that’s received immense attention in the western world, and it’s only increasing.

Mindfulness GoogleGranted Google is a global “product” or service, but it seems most of it’s use in the more developed cultures who are often less in touch with their spiritual identities. I don’t intend this to be a discourse on religion, but on spiritual behavior, which I think transcends all faiths. In fact, searches for meditation using the search engine have climbed dramatically since 2004.

I am, for one, immensely excited to see where this trend takes us. While I got into mindfulness and meditation a bit late in the game, I do feel that I was able to get in right as the wave as started to crest.

I’ve often maintained that genuine, personal, spiritual connections with ourselves and with a similar respect for thah headspace in each other has been missing and vitally important in western urban environments.. We all live in a very dense physical space: mindfulness provides a key for coping and identifying as healthy individuals.

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