Time, Money, and (in)dependence

Money and time create an interesting interplay. Although time is the only resource that we have in finite supply, we tend to invest a significant amount of it in frivolous pursuits – most bizarre since we also don’t know how much of it we have left! We can’t log into our life and check how much we have remaining.

Not only is this an unknown balance, but there’s equal constraints on how many hours a day we can healthily invest and balance between work, rest, play, sleep.. Prioritizing what we choose to spend our time on has immense impact on our quality of the life we lead. If we shirk sleep, exercise, and healthy head space in order to increase the time we log in other pursuits, the balance slowly teeters and creates instability.


Whenever I’m looking at starting a new project, I burn energy and time in the passion that fuels the idea. Since I’m only human, like the rest of us, I always get excited about sharing this growth with those around me. I want to get others involved not only so that I can create a more cohesive result, but I want to ensure that when I’m burning out a bit, the aspects of fear and failure can be shouldered by others.. Someone else who’s equally committed to success is an invaluable ally in assisting on a project.. Because suddenly there’s extra hours available to further the direction without need to unbalance personal investment.

But what if they aren’t interested? Or worse, what if they initially express interest, but then fail carry their own weight – not being accountable in following up with their promises? Then their involvement flips from being an asset to an anchor.

This is one of the reasons why the concept of money exists. As a universal concept, it creates value through time/effort – effectively providing transactional incentive that makes up for the lack of passion. But it doesn’t replace it all together, and no amount of money can make up for genuine interest and engagement. But if you’re in the market of creating content, products, or even a new business – then you won’t have much money of your own to put into it, and here’s where the challenge lies – do you  look for people to help out, donating their precious time for free, who are satisfied by being co-creators? Or do you toss a bit of money their way and see what percolates?

I personally struggle a little with overcoming fear and failure, so try to infect others with my passions – and when it doesn’t work, it feels like the idea can quickly get forgotten on the backburner. Looking for alternative solutions that don’t involve spending cash – such as hosting a cowork space from my home, create solutions that endeavor to keep the pot where it belongs – heating up to a boil at the forefront of my attention.


2 thoughts on “Time, Money, and (in)dependence

  1. If you can convince a third party to give you money for your ideas (“investor”), you can get around the zero-sum game of time = money; as long as you can convince them your idea will be profitable later and they will reap financial rewards. It’s also interesting that willpower itself has been demonstrated to be a finite resource; we can only stay focused for so long.

  2. And look to people’s non-monetary desires to motivate them to help you. People want to be social, they want to be connected, they want to help. Those desires built the web before e-commerce ever showed up (along with, ahem, less savory desires…). Interesting post on a subject we all struggle with; balancing all the things we want to do, with what we physically and mentally can do.

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