Perception of Perfection

The world has always been temporary, our time here is but a blink of the eye – yet our society has only amplified the effect. We’re looking to replace our existing items, relationships, jobs with those that appear better. We’ve been served up a platter of apps, powered by the internet, to give into those basal desires.

Don’t like your car? Find a better one online! Don’t like your job? Apply to dozens with the click of a button! Don’t like your relationship? Swipe your way to a new one!!

Yet we’re all looking for the perfect situation – something that is perceived as having immense value, but available with the minimal amount of commitment, money, or effort.

Striving for that perfection is an endless pursuit.. No matter how shiny and new something is at first, time only serves to dull it’s patina; even if it’s something that doesn’t lose it’s value – potentially even getting MORE valuable with each sweep of the clock hands, it’s often equally easy to start to take it for granted. and seek out something new, strange and different.


This applies to the ideal self as well. We often identify with the future self, hold them in such high esteem, that we life in that dream, eschewing the now to exist in this fantasy.

Now, if you want it, if you want anything, it’s possible. You just have to understand that it takes effort. And boatloads of it. You need to make compromises, sacrifices, and get back up over and over again each time obstacles in your path knock you off your feet.

Furthermore, the thing that we want so badly, the person who’s life, who’s relationship, who’s job, we desperately want to emulate.. It’s rarely all it seems, we never see the backstage, the flipside of the positive. Even products we see advertised rarely give us lasting satisfaction.. the reality, the flaws behind the curtain become all too real once we’ve finally attained what we yearn for.. And this only serves to disappoint, to act as a springboard towards the next fixation.

Here’s the takeaway. You’ll never be your future self, it’s always in the future, out of reach. Look at yourself in the mirror right now, and smile – who you are, right now, is your optimal self – you can’t be anyone other than who you are right now. Understand that your flaws are just as important as your strengths, and they make you who you are.

Life is difficult. We’re all struggling with something, and it’s just as important to us as it is different to what someone else is grappling with. Instead of seeing the flaws, the imperfect facets, look for the good – in yourself, and in others.

You never reach the destination. You’re always traveling, so get comfortable with the now – it’s all you’ve got.


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