Lucid Stead


A house that exists, yet also reflects its surroundings.. The mirrored sections seem to cause portions of the shack to fade into existence altogether, such a marvellous effect… Full interview with the artist, and video, here



I’ll admit I was a bit frustrated this morning. I spent a good hour last night trying to start my bike so I could move her from her current garage to another storage spot for the winter, but I just couldn’t get her to stay running, and the snow started to fall.  Bess is a heavy beast, and I spent most of that hour wrestling her from the shed to the street and back.

Suffice to say, I woke up pretty sore, and a bit apprehensive as to what effect yesterday’s storm had to the city.

In a word? Magical.


Stepping out of the front door with Lucas, the sun still hadn’t come up yet, and there was such a dead stillness to the air. It wasn’t too cold, and thick ropes of heavy snow adorned the branches, framing the front porch and steps.

Most of my quick snaps didn’t do any justice, and I was on the other end of the leash with a very wriggly puppy, so I didn’t take too many.

Lucas was born in August, so winter is “his thing”.. The moment we were down the steps, he was pulling like a madman to explore. There weren’t any cars on the road that early, so I let him off the leash. He was off like a rocket, pouncing up and down, giving every reason for there to be the word “gamboling” in the English language.

As he tore around in circles (silently.. another great side effect of the snow) I took a moment to breathe and relax, and was struck by how quiet the world was.. sounds dampened, it was so peaceful. I wished to take a “zenday”, the Buddhist equivalent of a snow day, just to marvel in the solitude and tranquility.

No such luck, I’m at work right now, my cold fingers wrapped a round a steaming mug of mint tea.

Wherever you are, I hope you have a Zen day.