iPhone tethering

Well, with the release of iPhone 3.0, and now me having Word Press blogging software on my phone, this blog is finally switching into full English, complete with capital letters.  If I was just blogging from my computer, I’d stay with the old format, but due to auto capitalization on the iPhone, re-editing capped letters out of each post is REALLY slow.

So, without further ado…

iPhone tethering is great, but some carriers are promising that you will have to pay a premium to use this service… and if you try to get it working, it apparently tells you to contact your service provider to have them add it.

Well… no more. With this website you can install a new APN that should enable it for you.

Update: While this worked for me, and tethering is enabled, I cannot connect to the 3g network anymore from my phone, which makes it useless. Regardless, if anyone else wants to give it a shot, they can do so…


apple, etc

apple seems to just continue to be at the forefront of technological advances. While they may not have a foothold as the primary os of choice worldwide, they have made the ipod as much of a household name as the sony walkman of the 80s, and their iphone has caused all of the worlds cellular companies to be forced into competing with the touch screen market. even the app store in iTunes has been copied by rim/blackberry, nokia, and now even sony is following suit, with a rumoured game store for its new flash based psp! i’m glad apple continues to innovate, pushing the techological standards of the rest of the worlds manufacturers. so, for the time being, apple gets the nod of my hat. keep it up boys!


even though it’s a few weeks late, I have to commend the baldersons company for serving the biggest icecream cones i think i have ever had. this one was under $5 with tax in. mmm.


seems as though the twitpocalypse has broken my fave iphone twitter app, so I’m back to twitterfon temporarily until a new release ( hopefully soon) adresses the issue. The twitpocalypse (i am lying in bed blogging from my phone, so don’t expect a link until i can edit this on my desktop) deals with the unique id # every tweet us assigned, and surpassed a certain number last night that breaks many api’s. think of it as the y2k bug, but the twitter version. note that this only seems to affect *some* 3rd party apps, and the webpage seems unnaffected. stay tuned for further updates…

spurious diatribes

portable technology does the strangest things to how we live, work, and exist. with the new app i have for my iphone, i can blog from anywhere, even attach photos of where i am, and basically spew philosophies out into the www. having my own business means, for the most part, having my own hours, so the lines between when societal norms tell me i *should* be awake, versus when i choose to be blur irreconcilably. it also adds so much to my life when considering self-worth, confidence, and general happiness. sure, it’s stressful sometimes, but so is life for the most part! at least being my own boss lets me feel and carry the entire weight of responsibility and being self-motivated. if i don’t get work done, I have no one to blame but myself, and while i could easily work more hours than i do, *i choose not to* im comfortable paying my rent, my bills, and spending the majority of my life actually *living* rather than stuck behind a desk being underappreciated and underpaid.

lucas and friends

sooo… lucas made some friends in the park today, namely barkers and sasha. sasha made a huge hole to lie in becuase it’s cool and relaxing to lie in fresh dirt. she defended it tooth and nail until barkers fell in and couldn’t get out. then lucas jumped in to help.

floating garden freshwater aquarium

it may just be a concept for now, but its a great idea… using 100% vegetation filtration to keep the fish content and the water clear.

here’s how it all goes down..

designed by benjamin graindorge and duende studio, this tank not only looks nice, but uses some simple ingenuity to accomplish the task of water filtration.

basically, nitrate-heavy water from your tank is pulled up into the garden, then passed over a layer of river sand, using bacteria to convert impurities into nitrates. from there, the water is passed over some plant life,  naturally absorbing the nitrates as nutrients.  in a final step, the purified water is thrown back down into the fish tank, and the fish can continue their bliss-filled life in a clean tank.

more pictures after the break

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iphone 3gs

soo, wwdc is finally over, and we only have to wait a solid seven days for iphone 3.0 firmware to be released.  its a shame that some of the features, such as the video recorder is only possible on the new iphone 3gs (2x faster with 2x more ram than the original 3g), and cannot simply upgrade the camera on the current 3g, but meh, we’ll see what upgradeability I can fandangle after i sell my current gen model.

New features i’m stoked for, and no doubt most of you already know about but for those who rely on me…

– cut/copy/paste

– horizontal keyboard in all apps including SMS!!

– MMS messaging

– turn-by-turn support for GPS mapping

anybody want an iphone 3g? going cheap…

windows 7 64bit

while the beta for this product is frikkin amazing when compared to vista, and even, in many aspects, to xp, it still has its fair share of problems. the majority of these are caused by incompatibility issues of trying to run 32bit programs in a “emulation mode” similar to how OS X runs older software. naturally, however, while the apple software works, the windows 7 one does not.

and since windows has the majority of its users running 32-bit systems, there’s simply not enough support to get the 64-bit systems accepted as standard… i suppose that’s how apple is superior. when you are the only one releasing hardware, you can ensure that all your new stuff is 64-bit compliant, then upgrade the OS to match…