CrossroadWhile we make decisions on a daily basis, some have more “weight” than others. Really, it’s all about the depth and brevity of the consequences. Choosing between chicken and fish is pretty trivial, whereas choosing to go back to school or to quit a job is a bit more serious.

The choices we make can define us, just as choosing not to make a decision can be equally limiting on our personal journey.  Recently I’ve joined a think tank of men and women from different physical and intellectual disciplines.

They humble me with every word, not purposefully, but because they are so passionate, so fanatical, about their discoveries. It excites me to be part of their small group. I am contributing more as a disciple, or a scribe, by helping to organize their concepts, thoughts, and research through a wonderful collaborative online tool called Quip).

One of their number is Kita Szpak, a “Happiness Expert”: a motivational speaker and author. She and I have connected on a level where she is coaching me to listen to my inner voice, to have confidence in making postive changes. She has taught me that the fear that holds us back from realizing our dreams is one of the most crippling emotional states we can become trapped in. Anything that falls outside the “normal” way of doing things, living, behaving, is not only seen as truant, but also as undesirable: this only causes us to fuel our fears with our own doubts, eroding our self worth.

These thoughts have spurred something interesting for me.. Almost everyone is always  at a crossroad. At the back of our minds, is a split in the proverbial road of life. What’s so conflicting about this decision is that we feel that by neglecting to make any sort of choice, that we’ll always have the eventual option to do so; like we’re waiting for something to push us down one of the paths.

But not making any decision is even worse than making mistakes: there’s no lessons without change

leapWithout choice, there is no direction, by standing at this crossroads eternally, we waste our lives always wondering “What if?” Now I’m not necessarily condoning selling all your possessions and moving to a monastery in Tibet, but start prioritizing your dreams.. If you need to prepare yourself, physically, mentally, emotionally, in order to be more successful when you do leap, then do that! Work on improving yourself, your life condition: when you look back, you won’t see your decision to change being when you actually chose to take that leap.. You’ll see that first step as the true agent of change.