Everyday Is A Gift

Every single day that passes is a unique series of moments, that will never repeat, ever again, in the entirety of time. Sounds pretty overwhelming, can you feel that pressure building in your solar plexus? Now fill that space in your chest with a deep breath, and release it slowly, and attach all that stress to the air leaving your body…


– by Phạm Hữu Dư

There’s no pressure to be anyone you have to be other than who you are, right now. There’s no reason to do anything other than accept yourself, as in order to exist within this very moment, we need to be at peace with everything exactly as it is. Anything that distracts us from that feeling actually takes effort to maintain. If you surrender to the moment, fully, you’ll feel buoyant, yet anchored, in each moment. That giddiness is the elation of living authentically in each now as it passes onto the next.

We’ve all heard the age old mantra that everyday is a gift, and that each day we have the opportunity to begin anew. There’s only one thing about this that I’m not such a fan of, and that’s treating each day as a separate “existence”. Sure, it gives us the excuse, the power, to reinvent ourselves as we wake with the rising sun, but what about those days where we open our eyes feeling tired, sad, or hungover? Those days where the very act of getting our weary bones unfolded and out of bed is a near insurmountable chore? Are we to struggle haphazardly throughout the day, waiting for the promise of beginning anew tomorrow?

Here’s the thing – it never comes, and as much as the promise of renewal gives us hope, it equally dashes the existence of the dreary hum-drum days that often, realistically, populate the majority of our lives.

So what if each moment is treated as a new day? Each breath, each heartbeat, each “now” is an excuse to exist authentically in the now? This new perspective teaches that sort of mindfulness where even the most mundane day can be as beautiful as the sunny, warm, lazy ones at the beach?

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a personal day, but instead of dwelling in the guilt accompanied by not spending it as we should, instead we should simply bask in it’s unique existence, as we only get to experience a limited number of them in this precious gift called life – by adjusting our perspective, we suddenly change how we see everything – and that small shift is the most precious thing we have to appreciate, not just every day.. but every single moment.