How to Make a Living…

What does that even mean? How does one “make” a living? Doesn’t living just happen on it’s own, and the way in which we invest our limited time on this planet define how we perceive not only ourselves, but how people perceive us?

Self satisfaction isn’t necessarily tied to what we are seem as skilled doing.. Now, conversely, anything can be manifested as an art form so long as we spend so much time doing it that the actual core principles become automatic, and we start to add artistic flair in order to continue to stay actively engaged with the tasks. Take this street vendor as an example. His hours of practice have evolved into a passion for flair

As we continue into the new millennium, how we make a living only becomes more flexible and varied in its choices. We can operate an online store, delivering products from Thailand directly to other westerners without the products even touching our hands.. we can sell ideas: ebooks and online courses that teach others how to live healthier, more productive lives.. even informing others how to follow our footsteps and to become entrepreneurs themselves!

Setting our own hours lets us take even more control of the ship that is our lives. By taking responsibility of “paying” for our own space in the world, it only serves to strengthen and further boost self confidence and lessen anxiety. In fact, even those who supplement their normal jobs “working for the man” with part time endeavors can often build a platform that provides a slowly growing and stable business.. so that once it’s stable enough, and generating enough income, they can “jump ship” and work for themselves full time!

So, perhaps you’re now chomping at the bit.. “How do I get started?” you’re saying.. “What’s the first step?”

Now as alluring as all this sounds, know that most people don’t embark on this process without encountering, and conquering, fear.  It’ll seem insurmountable at first, and when you think you’ve finally knocked it out cold and persevered, you’ll find it lurking in the darkest corners of your success, where you least expected it to be. Don’t worry. This is normal, and how you continue to fight fear, and past it, is what will continue to fuel your passion and your ideas.

Start with Chris Guillebeau’s $100 Startup, and go from there.. There’s plenty of other resources, plenty of which you can search out yourself.. or you can comment below and we can discuss it right in the comments. I’m eager to see the fruits of your labor, and what your potential will produce!

And yes.. vlogs are finally back, as is the warmer weather. Enjoy!