icon and background luvvin’

Just in time for the xmas season, i have decided to post a little special on changing your icons and backgrounds. although these links are compiled with osx in mind, more specifically leopard, many of the sites contain icons and pictures that can be used by our windows friends too.

candybar3 from our friends at panic has just been released, with pixadex built right in. this osx leopard supported program allows you to change all your icons with one click, using icontainers available at the iconfactory, even change the defaults so new folder, documents, etc, all sport the same uniform look! note that icons available in the latter link are also windows friendly. note that iconfactory also has a desktops section. their newest addition to the collection, “dust”, really captures the osx default desktop (well, the tiger one anyways) but spices it up with orange (one of my fave hues of the colour too) and adds some dust or motes of light, no doubt somehow inspired by the new “golden compass” movie. on a side note, the movie really doesn’t do the first book in the trilogy its based on, by philip pullman, much justice at all. but i digress..

interfacelift is another fabulous site to get icons ad desktops.

i will probably update this post after i check my bookmarks at work.

stay tuned!

big surprise in store for all my readers!


nightmares of better times

funny how a nightmare can be memories of the past, fond memories, then you wake up and its not so fun at all. suffice to say i woke up this morning from such a dream, and still can’t shake it from my head. reminds me of terrible mistakes i made, and doubts as to where i would be if i hadn’t made them. sure, i learned from them, and won’t make similar mistakes again, but argh. my heart hurts.

sorry for being so cryptic, i just needed to vent, and the last thing i should do is talk to the person the dream was about. wouldn’t help at all.

little observations

so, im a smoker. been so for about 14 years, hate doing it, but its still one of the first things i do when i wake up every morning. i brave the freezing weather, numerous times a day, and yet i still don’t really enjoy it at all. maybe one in 10 cigarettes do i actually relish, which is about once per day. however, heres my little rambling. i have a drain grate outside of work, and i always flip my butts into it when im done. all summer long, i realized that maybe one in 20 cigarettes that i would flip the butts at would actually go down the grate. the other would just bounce around the metal, and come to rest a few inches around ay side of the grate. now that its winter time, and the grate is mostly obscured/covered in snow. only about 3 out of the 12 or 13 holes are clear. but for some strange reason, now 90% of the butts i flick in its general direction end up going in. i can’t understand how the physics work at all.

the universe is a strange, strange place.

my tech

funny how people get attached to things, especially products or brands that they become obsessive about, for example, with myself, apple products.  i’m happy to announce that i have been a certified apple technician for around 6 months now, and i guess it gives me an excuse to love apple, instead of just being labeled a “fanboy”.  this blog is written on an old 12-inch powerbook, fully titted out with 1.25 gb of ram and a 120 gb hdd.  i hope to get up to some more blogging mischief on my iphone once some sort of app makes it easier to navigate, and/or if rogers/fido bring down their data rates.

old-school, in wood

its especially great when someone creates something truly wondrous that blends technology with nature, when its not done in a tacky format.  i still haven’t been able to track down the actual engineer behind this wooden portable snes unit, (even after tracing it back through posts made in numerous other blogs and casemod sites) but you can almost smell the love and respect put into this little gem.

wooden snes

constructed from an original snes and a psxone backlit lcd, it even contains speakers and a headphone jack. follow the above link for more info and a video.

Long time, no see

once again i’m going to make a really good effort to keep this thing at *least* a weekly endeavour.  i’m not going to shoot for anything more in case it doesn’t happen, but if you see more than one post a week, rejoice for, and with, me.  at the very least, i will have a place where all the links, products, and other various web-ness that i collect and sift through daily can be all neatly categorised in one place. i’m glad i have managed to keep this caps free, one small remnant of my memory that seems to have been retained in my fractured brain. well, the show commences once again.

i hope you enjoy the ride.