A number of factors in the last few weeks have led me to think a great deal about permanence, and the weight of responsibility that we have in this world.  We are alive for such a short time, yet we all live like we are immortal.  Let me expand on this for a moment.  Although, as we age, we experience this vigourous youth where we finally grow into our bodies, and feel invinceable.  Its in this stage where are physical forms are at their peak, regenerating and recuperating with very little downtime.  And this is to be expected.. however, as we start to grow older, and feel our bodies begin to slow down, even slightly, we still seem to have little trouble putting things off till tomorrow. Procrastination is such an odd technique that we seem to flex at any given opportunity, yet ideally we should be realizing that every moment is a precious one, not to be wasted.

I’ve long given up on the idea of being responsible to others, at least currently.  The only person I can rely on in the end is myself, and its imperative that I focus on being the best me that I can be.  I was recently reading Leo Balbuta’s post on pairing ones life down the 100 things.  This idea really excites me, as it forces me to be less materialistic, and to simply rely on a small number of essentials.  Naturally, things like dishes and cutlery don’t really count, and other smaller objects can be grouped, but the more “cheating” you do, the less effective this exercise really is

I think that this would be an excellent follow up to my current 30 day habit challenge.  I think that come April, I will start to liquidate a number of my posessions, starting with the collections that take up the most amount of clutter: my clothes.  Its important to me that I embrace habits that are not only healthy, but also not too ambitous.  Ergo, as a preliminary step, I will simply prune the things I have too much of, and see how I go from there.

I’m really excited to see where this leads.  Already the current strides I have taken fill me with a great deal of confidence: something you can never have too much of.. providing you still stay humble. Always humble.



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